2001 Renault Laguna

Electrical problem
2001 Renault Laguna 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual

The remote central locking on our car is not working. It was working when we got home at about 5pm today but when I went out at 8pm it refused to do anything. I unlocked the car using the key but when I got into the car it would not start, instead the alarm sounds! It is a keycard instead of a key but I have tried putting the keycard into the reader and got no response. This is a relatively new key! We have the old key which will normally start the car but the central locking mechanism on that key is broken, hence the new key. I have tried inserting the old key but this also has no effect, any help would be very appreciated!
August 5, 2010.

You need to replace or recharge the battery

Dave H
Aug 15, 2010.