2000 Renault Laguna

Tires and Wheels problem
2000 Renault Laguna Two Wheel Drive Manual 150000 miles

I have a Renaut Laguna 1.8 RXE, 2000.

3 days ago a noise started from the drivers side rear wheel. Its like a constant deep whirring which changes in volume with speed. If I turn to the right the noise goes, however turning to the left or going straight, the noise is very loud.

At first I thought the noise could be related to the engine or exhaust, but I turned the engine off at 80 mph and the noise was still there which means it is a mechanical issue.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think its the wheel bearings. Can anyone confirm this.

Also, if it is the wheel bearings, do I have to change both at the back, or just the one thats faulty?

Thanx in advance

July 31, 2008.

Replace the faulty bearing !

Dave H
Feb 16, 2009.