2003 Renault Kangoo

Engine Performance problem
2003 Renault Kangoo 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 220000 miles

my engine will Hesitates I had a lot of burned oil ( comming from oil breather )that turned like greese in the case holding the air filter that would drop in the air manifold
when I cleaned that the hesitate almost stopped
sill I have some black smoke when high speed
i opened the egr valve and cleaned it and checked it is ok now I still have the problem of smoke
and the hesitation happenes only till the motor warm then go away
still when I remore the electrical plag going to the egr. Every thing is fine on hesitate and very little black smoke. Car is working wonder full
what more can I do. Maybe there is a egr sensor cant find where it is and how to check\clean it
June 5, 2010.

Check fuel pressure. Replace air filter. Check/clean or replace MAF sensor. Check for vacuum line leaks

Dave H
Jun 13, 2010.