2000 Renault Kangoo

Transmission problem
2000 Renault Kangoo 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 80000 miles

At 50 K miles, a rumble developed " near" the drivers side front wheel.
It was loud. It sounds when moving, in or out of gear, turning, braking. Any time, but VERY intermittent. 5 miles rumble, 500 quiet, 50 miles rumble, 10 miles quiet.
2 garages, including " K fit" diagosed a dry C/V joint ( there was a slight clicking. )
Packed with grease, it drove perfectly. For 10K miles when the rumble re started.
So I repacked, and all was well for. 5K miles and it re started.

Fitted a new drive shaft. Inner and oute CVC joint, but this time it didnt stop the noise !

There is no play or leaks, the discs are fine.
Had it been the wheel bearing |I would have expected a constant noise.
It doesnt sound like a roller or ball bearing, more metal face on metal face.
Any ideas?
If I go to see a mechanic, odds are, it is silent !

March 20, 2010.

I would Replace the wheel bearing.

Dave H
Mar 20, 2010.