2000 Pontiac Trans Am

Engine Performance problem
2000 Pontiac Trans Am V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 130000 miles

This car has been modified ... heads/headers/intake/cam/high performance transmission/etc...
We are still tweaking the tune.
It was running fine but all of a sudden yesterday it started sputtering and acting like it was only running on 6 pistons! Check engine light did not go on, we did not loose any pressure, no gauges went crazy.

Is it possible that it is a problem with the spark plugs? The mechanic just changed them even though I told them that we had just put in new ones one month ago!

I have a feeling that the problem is with the spark plugs.

Please help. We have a huge car show to go to tomorrow and I really need to figure this out so I can help my husband work on this today!

June 26, 2010.

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