2001 Pontiac Sunfire

How to I remove the fuel filter on my 2001 pontiac sunfire?
June 18, 2007.

Its a dirty job, the fuel filter should be near the rear driver side, it would look like a round ciliinder, it mite be rusted out in that case you would need to cut the line and re flare it, but remove the rubber housing on one end, and remove the two bolts on the other end and thats all there is it to, make sure you disconnect the battery while working on the car just to be safe, after you get it off, re connect it and check for leaks, below is a link we provide to do this, if you cant find the fuel filter, just look underneath the car, it isnt hard to spot, if it is rusted out, try some PB blaster that should get it, any questions let me know.. also.. be VERY careful NOT to break the fuel line or your screwed!

Jun 20, 2007.