Pontiac Sunbird

1994 PONTAIC SUNBIRD 270,000 km (canadien) I have a question because im not exactly sure what to do anymore. The other day I was driving home and my car started to miss, so I thought I might be out of gas but sure enough it wasnt that. Then it would stall and if I waited a few minutes it would start again but I ended up pushing it to a friends place. I'm thinking the IAC valve or EGR valve and I really need to know because i'm at a point where I dont know what I can do. It came to a point where it wouldnt even start anymore and I drained my battery. PLZ HELP !
January 14, 2007.

Get your battery charged back up.
Get access to the the throttle plate, spray some starting fluid in it, crank it. Did it start for a minute?