2000 Pontiac Montana

Shakes or Wobbles problem
2000 Pontiac Montana 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 171000 miles

When ever I apply gas to accelarate, If I am in the speed range of 43-53mph the car shimmies and vibrates a bit. This dissappears once a speed of 53+ is reached or if I am accelorating in a lower speed range. It is only when I accelorate in that range that I feel the vibration. If I am coasting at 48 mph or maintaining speed it does not vibrate.

Recent history - 4 new tires within 2 weeks. They have been balanced and rebalanced (rebalancing seemed to reduce the problem a bit). Brand new Tie-Rods within the last 2-3 weeks installed.
April 15, 2010.

Check engine and transaxle mounts, and ball joints, your shimmy problem is in the sweet spot for bad ball joints, or control arm bushings, and these had a terrible design on the control arms.

Apr 15, 2010.
It was the CV Joint - repaired and drives smooth now.

May 14, 2010.
Most times when the CV is bad, the boot is ripped, and it clicks going around corners.

May 14, 2010.