Pontiac Grand Am

I Have A Pontiac Grand Am 1990 2.5 L 170K When Ur Driving The Car Is Fine. When U Come To A Stop It Takes Approx. 30 Second To A Minute And The Service Engine Light Comes On The Whole Time Ur Stopped. Once Driving Again, The Same Time Difference And The Light Goes Out. The Only Codes Im Gettin Off the Computer Is 13 - Oxygen Sensor and 35 - Idle Air Control System. What Could This Be Im Kinda Clueless Here. Just Did A Tune Up On It. I Dunno What It Could Be And It Does Not Experience and Kinda Of Change When The SES Light Comes On. Cant Even Tell It Came On Unless U Look. No Heitation No Faster Speeds No Nothing.
January 8, 2007.

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