Pontiac Grand Am

I recently had a remanufactured engine put into my 95 grand am (2.3l) and within weekss after installing the engine it was blowing out white smoke and I failed an emissions test. I couldnt figure out how an engine that is supposed to be like new would fail. I read the codes and a few sensors were bad and I replaced them, but the mechanic told me the car was overheating. I checked the oil and I found some coolant in the engine and he suggested I change the thermostat because it might me faulty. I had the thermostat changed and havent driven the car since so I dont know if everything worked out. He told me I might have a cracked head gasket and I am wondering if this could be true because I only drove the car about 50 miles since I had the engine put in and I dont want to cough up $600 unless this could have happened. Is this likely with only 50 milkes on the engine?
January 7, 2007.

The reman engine should be under warranty, you shouldn't have to pay anything.

Sounds like someone screwed up-either at the reman facility or on the installation such as not enough coolant?

I do have a warranty and I am covered up to $400 labor if the head is cracked. I really dont think the mechanic is qualified to know for sure so he wants to send the head out to be tested at a cost of $250. The company is willing to send another head at no cost but he refuses to install a new one unless the old one isnt any good. I believe its easier to just put on a new one that is free insted of having one tested and then putting on a new one if there is problems. I dont want to pay the addittional $250 to have it tested but he wont offer any guaranty on his work unly he knows the head is good.

Jan 7, 2007.
You paid to have a good engine put in. It isn't. You should not have to pay anything.

So if the head is cracked and the send a new one, is he going to want to send out the new head " to know it's good" before he gauranties his work?

I don't like the sound of the way this is going and not sure the best advice to give you. I don't see this standing up in court, I'll say that.

Here is the big question. Why did it happen in the first place?

You might want to take it to a different shop for a second opinion. Do your homework to find a good shop.

It is correct that the mechanic wants to have a new head pressure tested in order to cover his work. He will only assure the head wont come off while driving without testing it. I already paid to have the first one tested and it was under warranty. I dont understand why he wouldnt just replace it with a new one to be safe because it is free. The company wont send out a new head unless it is going to an authorized shop, so I really cant shop around while paying different mechanics to look at it and to do the work.

Jan 8, 2007.
Find out from the company what shops are authorized. While I am only hearing your side, I am apprehensive to advise. If what your saying is accurate, (and I am not saying it isn't), then I wouldn't do business there again. He isn't backing up his recommended product or his work.

Yeah, you might pay to have diagnostic work done to see what happened and probably cause, but there is small claims court. I don't advocate going to court unless it is a last resort. And bringing up the possibility to the shop may cause problems for you.

By him charging you right now, says he isn't backing his warranty on the original job. Did he warn you he wouldn't back up his work when he put the motor in? So why is he warning you now? Because he made his money? And wants more instead of being a stand up guy?