Pontiac Grand Am

I've got a Pontiac Grand Am GT, 1996, with 153,000. 3.1 liter v6. The water pump busted, the repair and parts were $750 and hoses were an additional $300. Not including the $60 diagnosis, basically I've spent alot of money in the last hour. My car will be out of the shop tomarrow at 9: 30 am.
I need to know if this was blown out of proportion pricing or is that usual with so many miles on the car? Does Labor just cost that much? I do realize doing business at a dealership would be more expensive but come on. Please, could you tell me if i've been screwed. Thx - Katie -
December 4, 2006.

Dude for a Dealer thats cheep. Dealers average 300% mark up op on parts and 200 per hour labor from what I have heard in my shop. They are a rip off

Dec 5, 2006.