Pontiac Grand Am

2002 Grand Am. Replacing pads and rotors. Calipers off, axle spindle nut off, rotor should come off. A tap with a hammer should loosen, but does not.

There's a fair amount of rust it appears on the back side. Have tapped it with a rubber mallet after spraying WD40 and then some nut loosener stuff. It will not budge. I am afraid to try to pry it - do not want to damage anything.

Please help - I am in need of some ideas! This is for my daughter who just started college. And Dad needs it done. Can anyone relate?

September 3, 2006.

Theres no amount of words to explain the fun when doing a brake job and everything goes wrong eh? Basically rotors just sit on the lug bolts so if you have the caliper off and the screws out dont be afraid to beat the piss out of it. Sometimes the rust can act almost like a weld and with the expanding and contracting because of the heat involved during braking it can get stuck on real good. Good luck lemme know : )

Sep 4, 2006.
I concur. Whack it with a good sized hammer between the studs. Don't get the studs!
After a dozen whacks you'll see it loosen. Hit it from the rear and spin and hit etc. Use never seize when putting o hte new one.