2002 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am, 2.2L, 40,000 miles. My service engine light came on so I had a scanner plugged in that showed a P1441 error code. All I can find for this is, " Evaporative Emission System Flow During Non-Purge" Anyone know what is causing this? Thanks!
February 28, 2006.

Maybe someone can help me with my new problem on this car. Tonight when the blinker automatically turned off you could continue to hear a rapid click, like a relay switching. I assume it is a bad blinker relay or whatever they call it. Where is it at? I checked all the fuse/relay locations, but it sounds like it is coming from behind the radio.
Also, autozone & advanced auto don't even list a part number for this. Is it a dealer only part?

Mar 7, 2006.
Your flasher relay is located in the fuse panel. Usually the interior panel on the vehicle. It is a rounded block much larger than your regular fuses. If you can't find it there, you may have to look at the fuse panel in the engine bay.

Mar 8, 2006.
For anyone that stumbles across this topic in the future here's the answers I found out.
For this car the P1441 error code dealt with a computer software update which is done free @ a pontiac dealership, but is not an actual recall because it does not deal with safety. Didn't make a bunch of sense to me, but after the software update (15-20 minutes) it was good to go.
The sound from the blinker was the hazard switch just above the radio. $30 switch, took me maybe 15 minutes to change it out. It could also be the blinker control switch on the column, lucky mine wasn't cause the entire column has to be torn apart to replace that.

Mar 10, 2006.