2000 Pontiac Grand Am

Engine Performance problem
2000 Pontiac Grand Am 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 139000 miles

My engine stalls while driving. I've had the fuel filter and pump replaced. It was only doing it when it was under 1/2 a tank, then it was 3/4 a tank now it stalls all the time while I am driving. When it stalls the trac off light will also come on. Once when it got down to almost half a tank it idled so low that it died while I was trying to go. I was in a parking lot thankfully. I have takin it to the dealer and other people no one can figure it out, so I need so more ideas.
February 1, 2009.

Have you checked the fuel injectors, they may be very dirty or could be failing. One other thought that I can come up with is that your Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) could be failing or has failed. Hope this helps. Good Luck

Feb 6, 2009.