1999 Pontiac Grand Am

Electrical problem
1999 Pontiac Grand Am 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

Here's the issue.
1999 Grand Am GT v6 3400 (3.4L)
Was backing out of parking spot, started fine and reversed fine, but the instant the car was put in drive it died completely.

No security system, could it still be a passlock issue?
no solenoid clicking, no ability to crank the engine
no power to door locks, radio, blower fan, taillights, etc
the only evidence of power is the check engine and anti-lock light in the key " on" position
when the emergency flasher button is pressed - pronounced clicking (inside)
there is actually a faint clicking (inside) without the key turned - disappears when key is turned

Here's what I figure. But I need further input:

battery is OK. Tried to jump it but no change in symptoms, and makes sense since started fine before. Battery cables seem to be intact and OK.
I am leaning toward the BCM as the culprit. If anyone has encountered this problem I would appreciate any input on this.
I checked any fuse ( inside the car and engine bay) that I thought could be the culprit - all checked out OK.
March 1, 2010.

Anyone have any idea?

Mar 2, 2010.