1995 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am (3.1 liter) and recently it started acting out of time. I replaced the Cam Sensor and that seemed to cure the problem, however, now the transmission will not engage. Evey gear except PARK acts as if it is neutral. Put the car in Reverse and the reverse lights come on but the the engine revs just like the car is in neutral. The same thing happens in the other gears as well.

The transmission gave no indication of trouble, pulled car in and parked it, changed the cam sensor, went to test drive it and it wouldn't move?

Any ideas?
June 8, 2006.

My 96 is doing the same thing did you find out what it was

Jun 19, 2006.
My 95 Grand Prix, same engine and transmission, lost its transmission in April very suddenly. I would suggest checking the level, colour and smell of your transmission fluid; if its not its normal red, or smells burnt, that's a likely sign that the tranny has given up the ghost.

Good luck

Jun 28, 2006.