1984 Pontiac Fiero

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1984 Pontiac Fiero 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 64, xxx miles

hi, I own a 84 fiero and it just started to have troubles when I start it. I turn the key and nothing happens, I play with the clutch in and out of gear but nothing seems to work. I just put a new starter on it thinking that was the problem but im not familiar enought with the fiero to go any deeper thand that. What gets me is that I can pop start it with no problem. Is there an engage switch or something on the clutch or in the ignition that could have gone bad? I appreciate the help, thanks in advance.
February 20, 2008.

When you say it has trouble what kind? Clicking? Or nothing at all? If you hear a click, then either the battery is weak, or the starter, possibly bad battery cable connections, check and clean both ends of BOTH cables! Dissconnect negative(-) first, and put it on last! If no click the starter relay is no good! Or ignition switch.

Feb 20, 2008.
Hey thanks for the advise, it doesnt make any noise when I try to start it. Ive been racking my brain on it and I didnt want to go and buy all new parts and end up with the ones I dont need, so thanks again.

Feb 20, 2008.