Pontiac Bonneville

93 Pontiac Bonneville SE
3.8 L non supercharged engine
front wheel drive
I was driving to work all of a sudden I was getting no power. The trans is only 2 years old. From a stop it wil go 1-2 MPH (in FWD and REV) if I floor it, thats how I got it safely into a parking lot. I towed it home and am taking a look at it thinking trans axle but everything appears fine. No play in either side. I do have a crack in one CV boot.
I put it in drive on jack stands they spin slowly if I floor it but I can turn them backwards when in drive and vise-versa in reverse so not a lot of resistance (torque?) Being generated.
I don't want to replace something thats not broken or the wrong side if it is an axle, and throwing money at it isn't an option at this point.

The trans fluid is a purpleish color
Any help would be awesome
November 25, 2006.

It's most likely a slipping clutch or bad flex plate, you didn't say auto or standard but either way, you are slipping. If theclutch/flexplate is ok then the trans needs internal work. Did you hear a clicing before it broke? It still may be a spun cv but it would feel really loose if you rattled it.

Dec 8, 2006.