2002 Pontiac Bonneville

Electrical problem
2002 Pontiac Bonneville 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 95000 miles

The above vehicle has an air bag code B0100 front sensor cleared the code and it came back right away. Where is this sensor and how do I check it? I think it is in the middle of the core support and probably got wet as I live in Illinois and it's been snowing a lot this year. The vehicle has never been in an accident. Thanks
Stevies stuff
April 4, 2009.

Sorry but air bags are dangerous, and are not for the do it yourselfer, have it diagnosed by a good shop. Most likely it is the front impact sensor, but I would have it looked at. I spend alot of time in this area of the vehicle and seen alot of bad things happen to people who dont normally do this kind of work. Post back with any other questions.

Brian 1
Apr 4, 2009.