1990 Pontiac 6000

Engine Mechanical problem
1990 Pontiac 6000 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 135000 miles

Just bought this car and the belt came off due to the idler pulley not being bolted on. I need to replace the bolt, but auto parts stores don't seem to know the correct size and the bolt doesn't come with the idler pulley if you bought the whole unit. I also need to know the direction of the belt for when I'm ready to reinstall.

I'm stuck 60 miles from home at work (barely made here). Please help ASAP!
October 3, 2008.

Hi: The exact bolt could be purchased at a dealer. I don't have the specs for that. If you look at the Popular Site Links on this page, go to Drive belt Routing Diagrams, put your info in, and it will provide the routing info you need.