Plymouth Voyager

We have a 1996 Voyager and the air conditioner locked down. Is there a way to bypass the airconditioner with the drive belt that controls all the mechanics under the hood? The motor was making a very loud rattling noise before the ac unit locked down. What can we do other than replace the air condtioner and compressor?
Melba Couey
November 28, 2006.

Need to now engin size if its a 3.3 ther is a way of doing it with out replacing the ac compresor you can buy a pully and braket to go were the ac is if a 3.3 not sure if 3.0 or 3.8 on the pasenger side strut tower should be the diagram for the belt and should show the bypass for it

Jan 10, 2007.
Without seeing the belt diagram or your motor, if not sure about the routing. Make a sketch with arrows of the pully direction of rotation. See if there is a direct straight line between the pulleys that are adjacent to the pump your bypassing and will still accomodate the direction of those pulleys. If it is good, take a string and wrap it around the pulleys and bypass the compressor. Now measure the string and record it. Count the grooves and record it. Tell the counterman at the parts store your marked down numbers and ask for that size belt, the next size up and the next size down. Return the belts that didn't work.