1991 Plymouth Voyager

1991 base model Plymouth Voyager 2.5L/auto with approx. 90,000 mi.
New to the forum. Great site guys!
I didn't really see my problem while skimming Dodge & Plymouth forums.
Vehicle shut down while pulling into a parking space as if someone turned off the key. Battery is good and all fuses test good. Lost power to the radio, wipers, gauges/warning lights, turn signals and the starter doesn't even click. I do have headlights, heater blower, emergency flashers interior lights and rear door release working.
I finally found a sevice manager at a local dealership that would talk to me other than saying tow it in.
he suggested a fuseable link had blown and described where they are located and what they look like.
I found the link inline with the red wire going to the 1st relay (front one-radiator fan relay? Per Chilton's) burnt.
I spliced a jumper wire to the remaining pieces.
The link burnt again as soon as I turned on the key, but I did get it to crank for a second.
Could a bad relay cause the link to burn out or might it be something else that is being controlled by the same relay? Could a shorted out fan motor cause this type of problem?
Thanks for your help in advance!
November 2, 2006.

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