1999 Plymouth Voyager

Engine Performance problem
1999 Plymouth Voyager Front Wheel Drive Automatic

My van was running very rough to the point of almost cutting off in idle. I smelled gas(not natural), but the fumes, there was loss of power when trying to accelerate, and a popping or putting sound(only while accelerating. And using the a/c makes it worse. I had a diagnostic ran and the results were" fuel injector o-rings leaking badly on rear cylinders. Misfire codes for 5and3.P0300 multiple misfire.&Quot; I replaced the o-rings and it seemed to have a little more power and I could barely smell gas anymore. But it still ran rough. Then I replaced the coil pack it now runs smooth even in dle but it still has no power, and when I accelerate there's still a popping or putting like sound. And if I try and use the a/c it has even less power and the popping sounds are more frequent. It feels like the engine is struggling to go.
August 19, 2010.

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