1970 Plymouth Roadrunner

Electrical problem
1970 Plymouth Roadrunner V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 95000 miles

my left blinker indicater works ok when the lights are off but when I turn the headlights on, the left blinker light stays on.
December 14, 2009.

First, all I can say is WOW! Those were the days. I had a 68 Superbee. What I would give to still have it.

Now to the problem. When you say the flasher stays on when you have the head lights on, are you refering to the outside light (both front and rear) or the indicator in the vehicle?

Let me know.

I went out this morning to check out the problem. The right side works perfect but the left side is messed up.I will tell you what went on. With the key on and head lights off the left rear taillight blinks like it supposed to but the left front blinker does not shine at all. With the headlights on the front parking light shines but the left side will not blink when I turn the left blinker on. Also the left brake light does not work. Can't remember if the headlights were on during the the brake light test.I went out again(colder than hell)and found out the left brake light only the one filiment is burning and with the headlights on it don't burn at all. Also when the turn signal is blinking without the headlights on it's only burning the one filliment

Dec 15, 2009.
Have you tried replacing the bulb? IF you have and are sure it is good, I have to point my finger at the headlight switch or the signal switch.

Do you drive the car in the snow?

The car was restored 2 years ago and the wiring, light fixtures and everthing else is new. The car looks better than factory. But the guy I bought it from never had to use the headlights. So it's a problem from the build. The car has not even seen rain. I have not checked the bulbs yet. Could they have put a single filiment bulb in the left side, if so would this cause the same scenario? Did you get the car pic?

Dec 17, 2009.
No, I didn't get the pic, but I would love to see it. A far as the light, anything is possible. It could be the wrong light, a ground problem, switch. Start easy. Make sure the lights are correct and good.

Let me know what you find, and I look forward to seeing the picture. (And take it from experience, never sell it!)


Thanks for your time.I will check out the bulbs when it gets better weather and let you know what I find later. Is it possible to contact you, say a couple of months or so down the line?I live across and south of St.Louis on the Illinois side. The weather sucks this time of year. I'm going to try to send you a pic again.Let me know if you get it.Phill

Dec 18, 2009.
WOW! That thing is beautiful. It makes me want one again. Now, in my 40's everyone will say I'm going through the mid life thing, but nothing compares to a car like that. I have been saving for a sports car. I'm a little tired of driving a dakota with 225K on it, but I need it to plow my driveway and the damn thing always runs, so it's hard to get rid of. Regardless, I've been looking for a Porsche 944, but you just changed my mind. It's time to look for an old Superbee or something like yours. A buddy of mine has an original 426 hemi (needs rebuilt) from a hemi cuda. It needs a home and I need to find it one.

As far as getting in touch with me, yes. Just keep this reply and you can get me any time. If for some reason it doesn't work, go to the moderator profiles and PM me. I look forward to hearing from you. Also, I live near Pittsburgh and the weather sucks here too. THey are calling for 6 inches of snow tonight. It's time to move, but with kids in school, it's hard.

I look forward to hearing from you and if you are ever in the Pittsburgh area, I would love to see the car.