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1992 Plymouth Sundance 2.5, 4 cylinder. After driving 4 miles the gauge in the dash begins climbing. It stops just below H after about 2 miles and begins to recede to half wayand stays there during unexerted driving. During a steep climb on the highway it begins climbing again and on the down side it receides. After getting off the higway the climb begins and at 5 city blocks it is just below H and stays there until I turn it off. The fan is running, I have checked it at the side of the road.
I have replaced the thermostat, the coolant temperature sensor, two hoses and had the radiator flushed. After replacing the therostat and coolant sensor it ran cool for about 4 days and then began the same overheating pattern again. What do I do next?
May 18, 2006.

How did they flush the radiator? Was it boiled out or just flushed? Also, what hoses did you replace? Finally, other than the temp gauge showing hot, hve you ever overheated?

Let me know.

My van acted exactly the same when the cooling fins were rotted away between the tubes of the radiator.


Mar 29, 2009.
Hi: It sounds like you have covered the bases on the cooling system. If the car is still overheating and the cooling system is good, serviced, and working properly, then we need to check things directly related to the engine. First, make sure ignition timing is correct. If (if bad, reset). If the timing is ok, then I need you to complete a compression test to see if there is a head gasket problem. A bad head gasket can cause heating problems too.

Let me know what you find, or if you have other questions.