1996 Plymouth Other

Engine Performance problem
1996 Other Plymouth Models 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 155000 miles

ok, past months I ben havin gas leaking out behind the passenger side under the car, it comes from the fuel filter hose, ok first I thought maybe something hooked it and pulled it off but cant happen where I live at, someone didnt take it off, but I placed it bak on and then maybe a week lator pop off again, then went ask someone about it and he told me could be a filter buy a new one. Went to buy one and he asked me what all happen and I told him, he says might not be whole filter could but the clip goes into the hose and he showed me how to take them out and replace it so I bought a pack of some cost like $5, did that lines snaps in better, worked a day. Last night pop off again, can it be a fuel lines that is warp? And how much to fix or replace the whole lines?
February 21, 2008.

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