2000 Plymouth Neon

Engine Mechanical problem
2000 Plymouth Neon 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic

A few days ago my neons temp gauge started to go all the way up. I put coolant in it and it still stayed up unless I was going fast. Then while I was driving around 45mph the engine just stopped. I had to coast into a parking lot. It wouldn't start up again and seemed to be leaking oil or anti freeze. The oil light went on so I refilled it but it still will not start.

I had it towed and a week later I am now getting back to it. All the liquids are full except the anti freeze, the oil light is still on (even though it doesn't need oil), and when I turn my key it sounds like it wants to start, its just not catching.

I have had one person tell me it blew a head gasket and another person just tell me its the water pump from what I have described. Any opinions you may have would be greatly appreciated.
August 15, 2009.

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