Plymouth Breeze

I purchased a 1999 plymouth breeze 4 months ago it had 58,000 miles on it. It now has 65,000 miles and has started to make bubbling noises coming from the hood of the car. The thing is, the bubbling noise continues after the car has been turned off. What could this be and how could I fix the problem. Thank you,
June 7, 2006.

Next time when you hear the bubbling pull over and look under the hood. Look at the radiator backup or whatever its called. Its where you put water that gets sucked into the radiator. Most likely the water lvl is getting low in the radiator and it is boiling back into the reservior. If the car is getting really hot or if you live in a desert where the temp gets above 100 in a day then most likely you need to flush the radiator and add freon and water.

Jun 8, 2006.
My car makes the same bubbling sound. I dont live in a hot area and it does it even in the winter, its not over heating. Did you ever figure out what the problem is?

Dec 6, 2008.
If the bubbling under the hood need to check if the coolant fan coming on( when needed )
check coolant level and thermostat
have the headgasket checked and tested good luck

need manual CHECK IT @

Dec 6, 2008.