1962 Plymouth Belvedere

Electrical problem
1962 Plymouth Belvedere V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

My temperature gauge has never worked(is always @0 )I think it's a bad sensor on the block. Wire's connected to gauge, new gauge etc. I went to remove it to check it out and coolant started leaking out. The car was cold, not run in 24 hrs. My question is. How much coolant can I expect to come out, and should I drain the coolant before removing the sensor?
Mr. Belvedere
April 17, 2010.

First thing to do to see what is bad, is turn the key on and ground the sensor wire. If your gauge goes up then you can be pretty sure it's the sensor. If you get a newone and have it right there you can pull the old sensor and put the new one in without draining or losing to much fluid. Make sure to use teflon dope on the sensor when you screw it in or teflon tape is ok too.

May 19, 2010.