1994 Plymouth Acclaim

Scenario - Bought used Acclaim w/55k on it, after tune up and timing belt I drove it on a trip for approx. 3,000 without any problems and then it started overheating. I wasn't losing any fluids but temp was sky high and I pushed it to get home which caused a cracked head. We replaced the head and after that it was using oil like crazy - after 4 trips back to the mechanic to reseal what he thought were leaks, he now says it's not leaking so it must be burning the oil. Yet we don't have a bunch of smoke out the tailpipe, no leaks on the ground, good compression (135 in 3 and 125 in 1) and only 61k orig miles yet it seems to burn a qt of oil in less than 100 miles! Didn't use a drop before mechanic replaced the head. What is going on?
April 12, 2006.

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