1991 Plymouth Acclaim

I own a 1991 Plymouth Acclaim with 70,000 original miles on it. A couple years ago it began to overheat, and we have done the following things to it in the following order. Nothing worked unless noted.

1. Changed Thermostat
2. Flushed Radiator
3. Changed thermostat and temp sensor.
4. Had heater coil flushed--mechanic stated that there was alot of thick heavy sludge when he did so. He suggested that we put a water additive in the radiator at that time, which we did. Mentioned something about electrolosis(sp) THis worked for a time, then back to overheating.
5. Replaced water pump, coolant crossover pipe under the plenum (sp) and the head gaskets.

Keep 2 things in mind. This cars paint has peeled to an alarming level. Only down to the primer, no rust. WHile all this is going on, I am unable to get any heat out of the car at all. Not even enough to defrost the windshield in the winter.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
June 24, 2006.

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