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I am fixing an old peugeot 404, year 1963, 4 cylinders, 1700 cc. I took apart the engine, change the following items with new ones: pistons, rings, liners, valves (all), spark plugs, carburetor, distributor, spark plug's wire, head gasket, clutch, .
After fixing the engine, putting it back with the car, after several checks of tuning, the engine ran.

Here is the problem that I can't solve: after running for about 5 to 6 minutes, the engine produces a blue smoke, smelling gasoline uncombusted. I check the bottom of spark plugs and find black ashes thicker and thicker if I leave the car running long time. So I start to clean up the plugs and the same thing happens again.

My guess is about the valves, but I am not sure. Anyway I don't have any apparatus to checks even the pressure. My only tools are screw drivers, wrenches and a galvanometer.

Could you help me out?

Thank you Sam
October 10, 2008.

Indeed, the distributor is moving a " bit". I haven't noticed that before since I have bought a new distributor, new self induction, and new wires.

I will try to find some way to fix it, see the result and be in touch. Thanks. Sam

Oct 16, 2008.
Hey Jim,

I had to work on the " bushing" the entire week-end. The engine is running good now, good spark fire at low rpm for each plug. However, I still experiencing the black stuff deposit on the spark plugs but this time after more than 1 hour with a very light blue smoke.
May be the distributor timing is not correctly " accurate"?

Oct 21, 2008.
The timing could be incorrect but have you made any ajustments to the carb

Oct 24, 2008.
Yes I made some adjustment to the carburettor.
Since I have no time othe than the week-end, I can check out again the carburettor. I've got the owner manual from e-bay and start to read it.


Oct 29, 2008.
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