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I own a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue 3.8l engine with an estimated 130,000 miles.
I know the basics to get the most out of gas mileage:
1. Properly infalte tires
2. Wheel balance and alingment
3. Keep it tuned up
4. Drive the speed limit
5. Don't jack-rabbit to go
6. Drive with windows up
7. Remove anything from the trunk that will put more weight on the car
8. Advoid streets that have hills as much as possible

I've been reading about performace mufflers and they are supposed to help increase gas mileage. I asked a mechanic at a muffler shop, his response was, " Since the performance muffler puts less work on the engine, it will increase gas mileage.&Quot;
So know, I want to get a second or more opinions about hi-flow mufflers.
Also, is there also anything else that I can do to help stretch gas mileage?
May 1, 2007.

All that stuffs about high tech mufflers, I call it nonsense so called free flow thingy.

You sounded good on the gas saving deal. BTW you forgot the stop and go routine.

Find out what the coolant temp, oxygen sensors, injectors, catalytic converter and fuel pressure are doing. You might change your mind on the new muffler.

May 2, 2007.
Thanks for the reply. Oxygen sensors usually are part of a tune-up. Also another thing I forgot to mention is dragging brakes which can lead to more gas usage if not fixed.

May 8, 2007.
Oh! I see and didn't realize you knew what you were doing.

May 9, 2007.