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I recently bought a '97 Oldsmobile Cutlass. It ran great when I test drove it, but after I paid for it and picked it up the next day, it's been accelerating poorly. Not all the time, but about half the time I accelerate, it feels like I'm giving it gas and it's just not doing anything. Also, the check engine light came on a few days ago, and the only code was P0110, which I believe is " Intake air temperature circuit malfunction". I don't know what this means, or if it's even important. Also, another light keeps coming on, but I don't know what it means. It's red, and it looks like a small squarish tank with fluid in the bottom and an arrow inside the tank pointing downward. I'm thinking it's transmission fluid, but I'm not sure. Finally, there is a clicking noise which sounds like it's coming from the center of the engine, and it increases when I give it gas. I think this is a separate issue, but I'm not sure. Please help if you can.
October 27, 2007.

The owner's manual will tell you what the light is. Sounds like a low coolant light. Check the manual and the coolant level. Actually all fluids should be checked if they haven't been just as normal upkeep.

Are you sure on the po110, I don't have that listed in my software as a code, but will take another look.

Is this a 3.1 engine?

How many miles on it?

P0110= intake air temp cucuit malfunction, check the wire and the sensor, it's on the air intake plenum near the filter.

Oct 27, 2007.
I don't have an owner's manual. The guy I bought it from didn't have one for it. Is there any way to find out online what the light means? Also, does that Intake Air Temperature Circuit Malfunction have any impact on the car, or is it negligible? Should I get it fixed, or is it not a big problem? Thanks for the help.

And yes, I believe it is a 3.1 engine.

Oct 27, 2007.