1999 Oldsmobile Other

I have a 1999 olds alero with about 158000 miles on it and a couple of weeks ago the instrument panel would go blank while driving and then come back on with no warning. When the i/p would go blank I did not have any driveability problems. Also when the i/p went blank I noticed that the blower moter and electric windows would not work. I scanned a few wiring diagrams for this car and noticed that the only thing these three systems have in common is the body control module (BCM). I replaced the BCM and performed the passkey relearn procedure and the car started fine. However, the i/p and everything else still is not working. Also just recently I noticed that if I turn on the blower while the i/p is working sometimes the i/p and blower will stop working. The problem is becoming more common now and I'm starting to think that there is a relay problem or a grounding problem. I did not see a relay in the wiring diagram though, but that may just be that I have an incomplete wiring diagram. I'm fairly handy with a DVOM if someone can point me in the right direction for more troubleshooting procedures I'd appreciate it.
January 4, 2006.

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