1998 Oldsmobile Other

After driving my car for about 7 hours straght. I had got to my distnation and turned it off. About 30 minutes later I went to turn it on and the engine started shaking like it is runnig out of gas n the check enigine light started blinking. I had the car for a month and it has 132,000 miles. I got the spark plugs n wires changed. The mechanic says that I need ALL 6 fuel injectors replaced. COuld I just put fuel injector cleaner in it to fix the injectors?
January 20, 2006.

It is not very comon that all 6 injectors go bad at the same time! I would have someone put it on a computer and that should tell you exactly what it is. Maybe 1 or 2 injectors but not 6. The ones that are not bad should be cleaned. Fuel injector cleaner will not fix injectors.

Jan 21, 2006.
Thanks man, I went and got em cleaned and it fixed all of em. They were just dirty, now my car runs like new. You saved me a lot of money. THANKS AGAIN!

Jan 24, 2006.