1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Computer problem
1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 190K miles

Car would not start - seemed like it could be the battery. When I hooked up jumper cables, I did not notice any spark when connecting the last cable. Trying to jump it did nothing. Just heard the click of the solinoid - before and after connecting the cables. Called AAA and the service man started by measuring the battery with his hand held machine - said that it looked like the battery tested OK. But he tried to jump it anyway - but he inadvertantly connected the cables reversed on his car. When he tried to connect to my car there were massive sparks. He noticed the mistake and got the cables correct. Still had no effect in getting it started. He hit the stater with a wrench a couple times trying to jar it. Still no effect. So had it towed to a shop and they said the battery was bad. Replaced it and got it started. Now all the gages did not work. They said it was likely the BCM and only a dealer could fix that. Seems to me that the reversed cables when trying to jump it caused the BCM to burn up. What do you think?
January 14, 2010.

No doubt they did some damage to your vehicle by connecting the bat cables backwards.

But if your BCM were blown your headlights, taillights, climate control and more wouldn't work either.

You should've immediately demanded they repair your vehicle. If they refuse, then you should contact a lawyer.

Ernest Clark
Jan 24, 2010.
Thanks for the specific info! It helped a lot. It looks like I got real lucky! The dash not working turned out to be just a fuse. No other collateral damage is apparent yet!

Jan 25, 2010.
I'm glad you got luck and it was only a fuse. But hooking up bat cables backwards on a computer controlled car almost always does damage to something. And keep a lookout for something popping up in the future as a direct result of their incompetence.

Ernest Clark
Jan 25, 2010.