1997 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Engine Mechanical problem
1997 Oldsmobile Intrigue Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I believe the car had a miss fire from the way it was running and while in park it it was idling up to 2. We just got about a foot of snow and I got stuck in the drive way for 2 hrs shoveling and trying to get the car out so of course I was on the pedal going no where. I finally got out and on the road o got stuck 2 more times and the car cut off after each time I got stuck on the road so the last time it cut off I started back up but it was a struggle to get it above 20 mpr than it cut off and now ur won't turn back on what do I need to do?
February 6, 2010.

Have you checked to see if you are getting spark and fuel to the engine?