1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Steering problem
1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 115000 miles

The power steering pump is under the engine. Any tips on getting it off for replacement and does the new pump need to be blead?
Tom Hay
September 15, 2009.

First let me say there is no easy way to pull the pump. It will be a knuckle buster. Now with that you will remove the drive belt then you will move any of the following needed out of the way. The tensioner and the strut housing tie bar. Disconnect the power steering lines. Remove the bolts holding the power steering pump on. You may have holes in the power steering pump pulley to gain access to the bolts. Then remove the pump. Now you will need to rent or borrow a power steering pump puller and put back in reverse order. Let me know how it goes.

Sep 16, 2009.