1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Engine Mechanical problem
1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 125000 miles

when I got this car it was fine. Then I notice the engine rumbling side to side motion pretty bad. In the area where the carb is there was a vacuum leak noise, but I fixed that. I knew it needed spark plug changing so I did also the wires, cap and rotor too. During this process of changing I mixed up the wires which that pretty much messed the firing order up too. So I tried till I figured this out, which lead to the carb having a mist like smoke come out, misfiring occurring, and even the where the valve cover has that tube that connects to the intake/ air cleaner barrel like thing that has the air filter inside it that all together just covers the carb itself completely. Well any way it had flames come out that tube connected to the valve cover. But I figured out a way to make this all stop and get the car running too, with no problems. Wait a second dont forget I had to figure this out without even checking the correct firing order until now. Then I tired the correct order and that surprising the way it says in the book did not work it actually failed the engine completely and I could not figure out why so I hooked it back up the way I had it myself because that started the car obviously. The car was fine for a second or two of starting and running and moving and everything but then it started to knock when I started it up and had it in park. When I put it drive or any other gear other than park and neutral there was no noise. Even when it drove so figured it wasnt that bad until it got got louder and louder in park. So I checked the oil which it said full. But as I was checking that oil I notice a light bit of smoke that smelled like something burning maybe oil, etc im can really describe this smell. This smoke was coming from the left side of the engine. As the car stay on longer the smoke got bigger and bigger it was still kinda light smoke though. When I check the spark plugs it didnt make a difference so I dont know why there is smoke and why the engine is knocking. Also this knocking got even worst when you start the car and put it in any gear too moving or not no matter what. There is also black dust like sand looking stuff coming out the exhaust pipe going all over the ground leaving a black oily puddle everywhere. Also somewhere between me starting and reeving up the engine it shooting black smoke out these pipes too. I CAN NOT START MY CAR OR DO NOTHING better yet let me tell something else the gas needle went to empty in which this gas has been burning really bad too. But look there is now 3 gallons of gas that I just recently put in the car and it still does nothing but turn over and try to come on a little but then the battery goes dead and I have to keep it on the charger to even get the engine to rotate properly in which it will only come on if my foot is all the way down on the pedal. The engine comes on for a second making a very very loud knocking noise which it also only stays on when im reving it up still because if I take my foot oof the pedal it turns off completely and I go through this same process over and over OVER OVER OVER OVER OVER WHAT IS THE PROBLEM PLEASE HELP ME!
December 3, 2008.

Hi: If the engine has a knock, most likely a rod or main bearing is bad. Keep in mind, if the car is running very rich (black smoke from exhaust), gas could have gotten into the oil thinning it and causing the problem. Smell the oil and see if it smells like gas. If it does, I wouldn't try to run the engine until it's changed. However, if there is damage to the main or rod bearings, an oil change will not eliminate the problem. Also, you said there was a lot of smoke coming from the PCV (the hose that goes to the air filter). That is usually an indicator of low compression. Check the engine's compression.

Let me know what you find.


I charged the battery and turned the crankshaft number back to 0 with that line that macthes on there then made sure all the spark plugs where hooked up right then started the car perfect where as the chirping, whining, squealing noise went away but then the knocking started out low but got louder as it indled even worst when I rev the engine up. The engine does not misfire or even rumble nothing no vibration at all it runs smooth except I looked at the engine as it idled and the light thin white smoke that smells like oil burning is still coming from both sides of the engine right below the valve covers and above the manifolds near the spark plugs location in between there somewhere. I rev the engine and then the same smoke came out of where the oil dipstick is location just a little thicker though too. I tried to put the car in drive and it just turns off on less I keep the engine rev up the put in drive the car go but as soon as I release the gas pedal it turns off again. Also while it idles it started to show that oil/choke light when its not rev up and turns off right away so now every time I turn the car on I have to keep my foot lighting rev on the gas pedal to keep it idleing or else the oill/choke light comes on and the engine dies. WHAT NOW PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP.

Dec 17, 2008.
Hi: It sounds like a couple problems. First, the knock sounds like a rod or main bearing problem which is caused by low oil pressure. The smoke you mentioned coming from near the dipstick tube, is it coming from the dip stick or just around it? Other smoke must be from an oil leak. Do me a favor, with the engine running, remove the oil fill cap on the valve cover. Let me know if there is smoke coming from it or any pressure. Also, let me know if if has an affect on how the engine is running.

Also, the smoke and idle problem make me feel like there is an intake gasket problem. But, the engine knock worries me. If it isn't there when you first start it and comes on later and gets louder, it's an oil pressure problem. Either the oil is thinned from gas or coolant, low, or the pump if faulty. I feel you may need to take it to a dealer for this problem. If it's the pump, it's a major repair and hope it hasn't already caused too much bearing damage.