1986 Oldsmobile Ciera

Computer problem
1986 Oldsmobile Ciera 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 105000 miles

Is it still possible, to by pass the computer so that you can eliminate the possibility that it is not changing the timing. The ecm checks out and the pick up. I still seem to have intermittent spark and the car will not start. The computer does not seem to have any capacitor leakage or noticeable burned electrical parts, also carb seems to have some type of controlled power valve assembly that seems to flood engin but not all the time. I do not have any books on this car and have not been able to find any one that does I hope you can also help me to find some place to turn to, I'm a retired mechanic and not to intersted in getting to far back into it.

Thank you for any help bob m
June 29, 2010.

Has the check engine light come on? Have you checked the crank sensor? Also, have you checked the coil?