2000 Oldsmobile Bravada

2000 Oldsmobile Bravada 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic

My Bravada seems to be having a fuel system problem. Last week leaving home for work, it was hard to start (everything apeared normal, good cranking speed, no waring lights) I cranked for about 5 (longer than usual) seconds and it didn't start. I let it sit for a couple of minutes and triied again, it crank'd longer than usual again, but slowly started. Drove to work with no indications of any problems, park'd. After work it was again hard to start, it took almost 20 mins of triing to start it, let it sit, try to start, let it sit, before it start'd again. From there I drove it to a parking spot that I left it at all weekend (where it had to be towed from!) And it would not start. Before towing I did dump gas down the throttle body and it started and ran for a few seconds and quit.

OK so here's my questions:
- What should the fuel pressure be? I'm using a pressure gauge at the schader valve behind the air intake. Before changing the fuel filter I had about 38 psi, after the filter about 40-42 psi, doing a static key on, engine off test.
- Where on the fuel manifold/rail is the fuel pressure regualtor, and what is the best way to test it?

June 12, 2008.

Your fuel pump is probably bad or the regualtor

Jul 31, 2008.
When cranking the fuel pressure I beleive should be around 58-62 lbs. The when running it should drop some. That pressure you have is not enough. Try a new reulator first. Around $35. Its located the top back. I beleive theres a little black cover. Its inside it. I replaced ffuel filter, fuel pump and still would not start. Then changed regulater and it started. Look online for a repair manual, or a public library for the manual hope this helps. If any Q's email me at bkspittle@tusco. Net

Aug 17, 2008.