1996 Oldsmobile Aurora

1996 Oldsmobile Aurora V8

what hapned 2 my car? No repairs nded or done 4 past yr+, been run grt. Gas $ HI so 4 pst sev mos only get $10./Few gals ea time. Past 1 mo. Been SMELLING gas while drivng etc. Thot bcz not filling tank. Last nite got $10. Gas, drove. 1 mile. Car fine. Then suddenly lost energy & w/in ONE BLOCK I WATCHED gas gage go frm 1/4 tank to 0-Empty. Could not restart, bat strong, act lk out gas. It obviously IS out of gas but. What hapnd?Hose undone. Hole in tank. Due to wear/tare. Maybe NOT expensive. Can I fix. Cant wk w/out car. THX!
June 3, 2008.

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