1999 Honda Civic • 1.6L Automatic • 40,000 miles

Hello ;

1.6 Engine 1999 Honda Cicic LX
4 months ago. My vehicle's fule gauge starts shaking and vibrating while driving. Sometimes the fuel level needle stops in middle. Then it finally stops in full tank.
No matter how much fuel left.
I'd been driving without doing anything for 3 months. One month ago. I replaced the engine oil and leave it in garage for a month.
But few days ago. When I tried to drive this vehicle again. The engine sounds like almost started but it never did. I can hear the cranking.
Then I smell gasoline on dip stick when I tried to check the engine oil level.
The battery is new. And the fuses is ok.
Any idea? I check the engine oil frequently and It's the first time I smell the gasoline in it.
Please help.
December 11, 2013.

Scan for codes and check fuel pressure with a gauge auto parts rent the gauge.

Dec 11, 2013.
JUST received the code reader from mail.

OK, here's what I did. No error code found.
Then I moved to next stage to check the fuel pressure. According to my vehicle's manual.

99 Honda Civic The normal fuel pressure supposed to be around 38 - 47 psi

Since I'm right experiencing " No start ". Simply turn the key to "ON" position instead to crank the engine.
First time to turn the key to ON. The fuel pressure record at 10 psi.
Turn the key off and on again. This time up to 20 psi.
The third time. I recorded the fuel pressure to 30 psi.
The fourth time. The fuel pressure jumps up to 40.
The fifth time. Reminds the same as 40 psi. Fuel pressure never goes up again.
Then I removed the hose on Fuel Pressure Regulator. No fuel spills out. But I don't see any changes in fuel pressure reading.
It doesn't matter the key is on or off position. No matter if I take the hose on fuel pressure regulator out or not. The fuel pressure always stays at 40.
Something like this. Can I say 100% is the fuel pressure regulator's problem?
If the answer is yes. May I simply clean it or I have to replace another one?
If the answer is no. There possibly some more other problems. What am I supposed to do to next step?

Thank you very much.

Dec 17, 2013.
If it got to 40 psi and stayed there the vehicle should have started. If it did replace the regulator if not it may be a crank or cam sensor.

Dec 18, 2013.
Finally, I feel so panic to do the replacement cause everything I did to my car is always my first strike.
After the fuel pressure regulator replacement. I tired three times to start the engine with no luck. Exactly the same crank but no start noises which quite familiar to me.
So I started to think. " OK! It's not the fuel pressure regulator. Maybe I would better try to troubleshoot somewhere else. Whenever I tried to crank the engine again. It could only flood more fuel into the system and the engine oil"
But I would like to crank one last time.

FOURTH CRANK The engine sounds weird. It's the sound I've never heard before. Somewhere between cranking and coughing. Also sounds like a patient who caught a cold or a flu.
It sounds like the cranking has been success but I'm not very sure. The whole body is shaking and vibrating. And there was weird smell too.
More likely a zombie struggling back to life again.
All of these symptoms gone after about 12 seconds. I opened the hook to inspect any leaking or any other unexpected events.
Fortunately, my baby had stabilized after a while and I started to drove it around in the community again.
This vehicle had sit inside the garage for more than seven weeks
During this few weeks. I also cleaned many places inside the vehicle.
It runs smooth and it runs like new.

It's my first time trying to fix my vehicle myself. Hard to describe how exciting it is. Thanks to " Hmac300 " 's prompt attention. I also checked the information about Cam Shaft Sensor. It could definitely help on next " No Start " Diagnosis.
One last question. I'm trying to do some electrical test in this vehicle as well. According to some of the article I found on the internet. It states that some of the electronics are so sensitive. If I ever did something wrong. It can be shorted or damaged once I got close enough which I don't even needed to touch it.
It's also my first try to do the electrical test myself. Is it true? Doing electrical test on vehicle is that dangerous thing? Is there any manual available to teach newbie to do the electrical testing on vehicle safely?

Dec 30, 2013.
It takes a lot to damage any module int eh car there are many self help articles in our how to repair section. There may be a specific one for what you are trying to test so check in there. If you are unsure you can always disconnect themodule you are trying to check although if you bought a cheap scanner it will only test engine/transmission codes nothing else.

Dec 31, 2013.