1988 Nissan Truck

Engine Performance problem
1988 Nissan Truck 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 139k miles

Hi, been fighting a problem on this old truck with it wanting to bog/sputter as soon as you get into the accelerator alittle bit. Already changed fuel injectors (TBI) and did complete tuneup. Suspect insufficient fuel pressure. I want to install an inline fuel pressure regulator that works off of vacuum and has an inline hose connection for in/out AND is ADJUSTABLE so I can set the pressure window for idling and hi-load. The factory one is not adjustable. Can you recommend where I can look for one like I described above? Thanks.
Rob golding
June 14, 2010.

You want one to give more fuel pressure no matter what or do you just want a new regulator?

Jun 14, 2010.