2002 Nissan Sunny

Engine Performance problem
2002 Nissan Sunny 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

Hi, Im driving a Nissan Sunny 2002, Lately, I noticed that whenever I speed up or accelerates, the engine knocks. I bought a new spark plugs thinking those might be the one causing the problem, but it didn't. I bought a new tension wire or cable coz maybe the distribution isnt working well, but it didnt solve the problem. Oh by the way, Im working here in Thailand, and going to car garage here isnt that easy coz they cannot speak english very well. I am using 95 GASOHOL, somebody told me to use the special petrol or gasoline but Ive tried that already and the knocking is still there. What could be the problem. Please help.
January 29, 2009.

Hi there,

Our data base dose not cover your car, but I would be thinking that it may be fitted with a knock sensor, that is a sensor that detects engine ping and allows the ECU to re set the ignition timing accordingly, I would have this check out next.

Mark (mhpautos)

Jan 30, 2009.
HI, thanks for the quick reply, I will be waiting for any further information before I take my car to a repair shop here in Bangkok. I will have the knock sensor checked. Thanks a lot. More power guys!

Jan 30, 2009.