Nissan Sentra

Hi, my name is Joe. I drive a 2003 Nissan Sentra SE-R SpecV 6 speed trans, 138,000 miles, front wheel drive. Just a few days ago I was driving along and the car stalled on me in the middle of traffic. So, I pulled over popped the hood and pulled all my spark plugs and the first plug I pulled, the far left one, the.44 gap on the spark plug had been mashed all the way in not being able to get a spark. So, I regapped the spark plug put them all back in and started off. 20 seconds later I stalled again and this time when I tryed to crank the car back up it stared making this horrible metal to metal sound and if I stick my ear right next to the far left cylinder the sound is realy strong. I have never had this problem before. Pleas help me.

Thanks JOe

1. Make and Model of your car
2. Include the mileage
3. Stick shift or automatic transmission
4. 2 or 4 wheel drive
5. Strange sounds
6. Fluid leaks
7. Past repair history if applicable

June 25, 2007.

With the left cylinder smashing into the plug, you have some internal engine damage. The piston rod on the left side could have broken, do a compresson check on all the cylinders.

Jun 25, 2007.