Nissan Sentra

: My 1994 Nissan Sentra has 120,000 miles on it, and am having a problem taking the right hand head lite bulb out. Don't want to break anything as the plastic may be brittle. Thanks in advance.[/B]
January 9, 2007.

The sensor on the tranny sends the signal to the speedometer, odometer, and tach. Failure of one of the these is the wiring but most likely the item itself. If they all fail then you look to the sensor.

Bruce Hunt
Oct 18, 2006.
Thank you for your response. Only the speedometer and the odometer not working (They work on and off, tho not working most of the time. When they are functionsing and not functioning at the same time. I mean when one works, other one works. When one doesn't work, other one doesn't work either).

The RPM, engine tempurater and Oil guage works fine.

So most likely, do u think I need to change a new cluster?

I have another question. When I change it with an used cluster, because it is impossible to find a similar millage on the odometer, is it possible for the mechanic to ajust the milliage on the odometer?

If so, how is it done?

Thank you

Oct 20, 2006.
Answer is new cluster and mileage is up to you if you can find someone to change it. But most mechanics will not change the mileage. You can record the outgoing mileage and the new mileage and record the difference for calculating total mileage on the vehicle.

Bruce Hunt
Oct 23, 2006.
Is it possibe just to replace the gear in the speedometer rather than the whole cluster?

If so how much would it cost?

Thank you.

Oct 27, 2006.