Nissan Pathfinder

My daughter has a 1995 Nissam Pathfinder with 109XXX miles. Recently, she began noticing a fuel leak around the rear of the vehicle. When she came home last weekend, we saw a large leak. I dropped the tank as far as possible (receiver hitch in the way) and found it was leaking around the fuel pump. The fuel line was so rusted it broke near the top of the fuel pump mounting plate on top of the tank. Bought a used one and still can't get a seal on the tank. Fuel still leaks around the fuel pump plate. O-ring seems to be in good shape. Top of tank rusted. Any ideas?
November 28, 2006.

Well, the 4-8 code indicates a problem with the left rear wheel sensor circuit. If the sensor was replaced, and no help. Then it can be the wiring, a problem with the pulser, modulator, or the ABS controller itself. You are just going to have to get a mechanic to track down the problem and correct it.
I would start by checking the entire wiring harness for any kind of chaffing, or wear. Even pull and tug a little to see if you can find if there is a problem. I would check the connectors and make sure the signals are properly being transfered.
It could be the controller, but that is a very expensive " lets try this" attempt.
Good luck on fixing this. And let us know what did it.

Jul 17, 2006.
I am curious about how much an ABS controller costs.
However, I am hoping that it the wiring. The wiring could be an issue as I also just replaced a relay switch.

Thanks for your input.

Jul 21, 2006.
Sometimes my ABS light comes on. But I don't even care, my regular brakes work fine. A lot of cars don't even have abs brakes. Matter of fact I don't neccesarily like ABS brakes so just learn to not give a sh*t if thats all thats wrong with your car. As long as you're not leaking brake fluid and you have good pads you're fine.

Aug 7, 2006.
After a few more examinations of my car, the ABS light is now fixed. It ended up being both rear sensors that had to be replaced.

I do like having ABS brakes. I live in New Hampshire and travel some steep rural roads in the winter time. They have saved me from going off the road during a snow storm.

Aug 22, 2006.
All sealing surfaces need to clean and free of rust, always use new seals. Let me know : D

2CarPros Ken
Nov 29, 2006.