1997 Nissan Pathfinder

Suspension problem
1997 Nissan Pathfinder 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 100000 miles

I need details and diagrams to replace outer CV boot.

I have the SUV on Jack stands, the tire is removed. I removed a small cap and a clip from the center of the wheel. I also removed 6 small nuts surrounding the center of the wheel. Not sure of next steps.
February 28, 2009.

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Here is the info you have requested….

If you need more info please ensure you let us know if your model is a LE, SE or XE and the engine size in liter.

Removal (Axle Shafts)
1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove wheels. Cover axle shaft boots with shop towel to prevent damage. Remove slide joint housing-to-differential bolts. Separate slide joint housing from differential.
2. Remove locking hub assembly. See LOCKING HUBS article. (See Below this) Remove disc brake caliper, and wire aside. DO NOT allow caliper to hang by hydraulic hose. Separate tie rod end from steering knuckle. Support lower control arm with a jack.
3. Remove lower and upper ball joint bolts. Remove shock absorber lower bolt. Remove axle shaft and steering knuckle as an assembly. Protect end of axle shaft with block of wood. Lightly tap end of axle shaft to separate axle shaft from steering knuckle.

Removal & Installation
Set free-wheeling hub in FREE position. Depress brake pedal and remove free-wheeling hub. Remove snap ring and drive clutch. Remove free-wheeling hub.

See Fig. 1 .

To install, reverse removal procedure. Apply grease to drive clutch and drive shaft. Install free-wheeling hub with hub in FREE position. Check hub operation.

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Feb 28, 2009.
Thank you for the supplied information. My problem is I do not know the name of different parts. Do you have a diagram “of and where “ the (slide joint housing-to-differential bolts) are and the (snap ring and drive cluth). Do you need any special tools. If you look at the picture I sent you, I think I removed the snap ring, however I can not get the center off. Can you help me?

Mar 1, 2009.
I need details and diagrams to replace outer CV boot.

You can look around with the auto part stores within your area if they have the zipper type CV joint boots its a lot simple to install-cut the old one out clean it up good apply the special grease and zip it up

Mar 1, 2009.
I could not find a zipper CV boot, do you know where to find one?

I still would like someone to answer my previous question.


Mar 1, 2009.
I could not find a zipper CV boot, do you know where to find one? Sir-you need to search it if unable to -follow Impala's instructions its all there or you can download your repair manual here and go from there.

Mar 1, 2009.